We make things simple

We design and build gorgeous products and services
for mobile devices and the web.

  • Product Strategy

    Few great ideas are born perfect. We help you sharpen yours and make sure that they are well groomed before execution. We got a full fledged team that can provide expertise within all essential levels in order to boost the chances for a successful product.

  • UX & UI

    Great user experience and simple user interfaces are fundamental pillars in any successful product or service. We help you deliver that for your users. We never claim that we know exactly what your users crave for. But we will always find out through iteration and tight feedback loops.

  • Development

    An idea is nothing but an idea if not implemented. Working with the latest technologies and best practices ensures that quality is imbued into everything we do. Our team consist of world-class developers that are in the forefront of their own specific field.

We venture on our own projects from time to time
in order to experiment, learn and grow.

Sthlm Travel

The fastest and most convenient way to search for trips and get realtime information about (SL) the public transport of Stockholm.


Squares is the game where your eyes and reaction time will be challenged to the outermost. Collect points by finding the square that's different from the other. You will be given a set of squares - and there will be one that has a slightly different color. You lose if you tap the wrong one, so be careful!

I've Never

The game that will turn strangers into best friends within minutes! Get your parties started with this sleek and embarrasing app. Play through hundreds of intriguing statements that will reveal the most interesting, intimate and awkward things about your friends. Build trust and friendship amongst the participants.

Some of the brands we are working with

Meet the team behind Yangmei

  • Jack Ha

    Product Designer

    A true pixel pusher loaded with years of experience designing, managing and building mobile and web solutions experienced by millions of people. Loves great adventures and touching stories. Jack studied at both KTH and SU in Stockholm.

  • Mikael Bäckman

    iOS Developer

    A vivid adventurer and a passionate iOS developer. Despite his young age he had the opportunity to work internationally with some of the most interesting and promising mobile projects in the biggest market. Mikael studied at C3L in Stockholm.

  • Tingan Ho

    Frontend Engineer

    Designer, coder & thinker. Loves innovation in web, design, and OOS. Tingan is the author of SASS Inspector and l10ns and contributes to many other open source projects. Tingan studied at KTH in Stockholm.

The Story

Yangmei Studios is a Swedish digital design agency founded early autumn 2014 by two friends that found themselves trapped in the daily grind. The ambitions and dreams of designing and building experiences that brings real and genuine smiles to peoples faces made them leave their safe harbour to start something totally new: One company that values and rewards true creativity and honest hard work. Yangmei Studios were then born and named after a berry from the far east of asia - chosen to indicate the founders presence and experience of the asian markets. Despite their young ages, they have had the opportunity working with numerous successful products and companies throughout their career. From social photo sharing apps, dating apps to financial systems and games. However, the major chapters are yet to be written and we are looking forward to be part of many groundbreaking and exciting projects.